How It Works

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Amavitae, which means love life in Latin, is a SaaS talent learning and development platform that serves employers by increasing best-fit and retention.

The platform helps employees, candidates and students understand where they can excel in a rapidly changing workplace.

The focus is on an individual’s interest through a scientifically validated assessment that reveals the unique traits of a user and informs career options where they will thrive. Studies have shown this type of assessment can decrease turnover by up to 15 percent.*

With the integration of internal jobs architectures and learning tools, existing employees can access personalized development paths and lifetime learning opportunities. Employers can also use the tool to direct candidates to the open jobs they’re most suited for.

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*Van Iddekinge, C. H., Roth, P. L., Putka, D. J., & Lanivich, S. E. (2011). Are you interested? A meta-analysis of relations between vocational interests and employee performance and turnover. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96(6), 1167-1194.