At Amavitae, we link people, skills and opportunities without bias.

Discover What You Love.

Our platform helps employees and job-seekers to discover what they love by redefining careers, identifying paths to skill mastery, and empowering the individual.

We help employers identify people who are most likely to thrive and grow within an organization, increasing productivity, retention and fit.

See how it works...

Find a career you’ll love.

An interactive, scientifically validated assessment uncovers your individual interests.

Personalized insights reveal what’s unique about you.

Explore diverse career options that you could love. Apply to the job, apprenticeship or educational opportunity nearest you.

Stay on top of the most sought-after skills for each career option.

Master the skills you’ll need most through a curated learning library including thousands of video courses.

Create a dynamic profile of yourself to share with employers.

Our Mission

At Amavitae, our mission is to close the skills and opportunity gaps.

We do this by mobilizing candidates and employees to find where they best fit resulting in increased opportunity, engagement and retention.

We want people everywhere to have the opportunity to love what they do.

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